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Thermage therapy uses a unique form of radiofrequency energy to tighten loose or sagging skin. According to its manufacturer, Solta Medical, Inc., benefits of Thermage treatment "include the smoothing of wrinkly or uneven skin, better definition of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline, and even the smoothing and toning of unsightly bulges, dimples and wrinkles on the face and body." Thermage radiofrequency therapy is U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved for eyelid treatments.

Using the Thermage wand, radiofrequency energy penetrates and heats skin tissue. The heat causes collagen to contract, which tightens and "lifts" the skin. Over time, as the collagen rebuilds itself, the skin tightens even more, further smoothing the treated areas.

Thermage Treatment

The Thermage wand's treatment tip is placed against the skin, first spraying it with a coolant (cryogen), then heating it, then spraying it with cryogen again. The cryogen protects the top layer of skin as the radiofrequency energy heats the collagen in the lower layers. A newer Thermage wand has a Comfort Pulse Technology™ (CCT) feature, in which a gentle vibrating sensation has been added to make treatment more comfortable. No preparation is required before undergoing treatment.

The length of treatment depends on the size of the treatment area and its condition. The face usually takes about 45 minutes; other parts of the body can take up to 90 minutes. The majority of patients require a single treatment, although that, too, depends upon the condition of the treatment area.

Thermage Results

Results appear gradually in the 2 to 6 months after treatment, although some patients see an earlier response. Depending upon the condition of a patient's skin and how it ages, results may last up to 2 years.

Thermage Advantages

Unlike other ways of repairing loose and sagging skin, Thermage treatment has a number of advantages. They include:

  • No significant recovery period or downtime
  • Visible results after 1 to 2 treatments
  • Continued improvement to skin over time
  • No incisions are necessary
  • Special care not required post-treatment

Side effects of Thermage therapy are rare, but can include treatment-site redness, bumps or blisters.

Thermage Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thermage?
Thermage provides revolutionary non-invasive face and body "lifts" that will leave you with firmer skin and more attractively contoured features. Using painless radiofrequency energy, Thermage tightens loose and sagging skin to restore youthful vigor to the desired areas. By altering deep skin tissues, it provides dramatic rejuvenation that is quick, safe, effective and long-lasting. Best of all, Thermage involves no downtime, so you can have the procedure done on your lunch break and return to your normal activities immediately.

Thermage is renowned as "the non-surgical facelift" thanks to its effective non-surgical treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in the mid-face, eyelids and brow. Now, Thermage also offers quick, non-invasive, no-downtime skin tightening for many other areas of the body such as the arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, legs and hands.

Now you can enjoy younger, more supple, contoured skin in one easy procedure. With Thermage, there is no need to resort to surgery, soft-tissue filler injections or astringent chemical peels.

How can Thermage help me?
Thermage offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Tightens the skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Smoothes texture
  • Improves skin tone
  • Reduces sagging
  • Flattens and softens stretch marks
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Adds fullness to the lips and increases lip definition
How does Thermage work?
With age, heredity or chronic sun exposure, the collagen in our skin that provides volume and elasticity begins to break down, and our skin sags and wrinkles. Most skin treatments only address the collagen in the skin's outer layer, the epidermis. Thermage is the only non-invasive procedure available in the U.S. that tightens and rejuvenates collagen in all three layers of the skin.

The key to Thermage's unique treatment process is its patented ThermaCool system. The capacitive radiofrequency (CRF) energy in the ThermaCool device gently heats the skin - not just in the epidermis, but all the way down to its collagen-rich underlayer (dermis) and inner layer (subcutaneous layer). This collagen stimulation not only tightens and contours various areas of the body, it also smoothes skin tone and temporarily reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Because the deepest skin layers are treated, results are long-lasting. All of this is accomplished in a single, pain-free treatment with immediate results and little to no downtime.

Does a Thermage treatment hurt?
Thermage treatments are painless. The ThermaCool device is specially designed to keep the skin surface cool and comfortable while it gently heats the deeper layers.
What areas of the face and body can be treated with Thermage?
Thermage has developed many special applications to improve particular areas of the body, from the eyes and lips to the hands and tummy.
Eyes by Thermage
Eyes by Thermage offers an effective alternative to eyelid surgery or browlifts by rejuvenating the eye area. It evens skin texture, tightens the brow area, minimizes under-eye bags, softens fine lines and wrinkles, reduces crow's feet, and lifts and smoothes the skin around the eyes for a younger and more refreshed appearance.
Lips by Thermage
If you want to define your lips and reduce fine lines around the mouth, Lips by Thermage may be the perfect solution for you. The treatment is most effective for reducing fine lines around the mouth, adding fullness to the lips and increasing lip definition. Patients often report that after treatment, they find it easier to apply lip liner, their lipstick no longer runs or feathers, and their applied makeup lasts longer.
Body by Thermage
Body by Thermage uses the patented ThermaCool system to tighten many areas of the body such as the arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, legs and hands.
Hands by Thermage
If your hands are showing signs of aging - fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin and dull skin tone - Hands by Thermage may be for you. Designed specifically to rejuvenate the hands, treatments can take years off your hands.
Tummy by Thermage
If your tummy is sagging, rough, wrinkled or marred by stretch marks, Tummy by Thermage may be the solution for you. It is ideal for people who have recently had a baby, lost weight, or simply want a younger-looking tummy.
How much downtime can I expect?
There is no recovery time with Thermage.
When will I see results?
You will see an immediate improvement in your skin's firmness, tone and texture after a Thermage treatment. These improvements will continue for four to six months afterwards as the collagen continues to regenerate.
How long do the results last?
Results of Thermage last about two years-much longer than you can expect from BOTOX® or injectable soft-tissue fillers.

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